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Ulver - Messe I.xx.i (Vinyl)
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Ulver - Messe I.xx.i (Vinyl)

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  1. Oh Father
  2. Heavenly Father
  3. Forgive Me
  4. For I Have Sinned
  5. Against Your Word
  6. In Sadness And Joy
  7. In Rainbow Light
  8. And The Dark Woods
  9. Childhood Haunts
  10. The Twilight Of My Life
  11. The Heart Stops
  12. Without Warning
  13. The Destruction Of The Temple
  14. The Broken Home
  15. Oh Father
  16. We Are Defined
  17. By Our Blood
  18. The Massacre Of The Innocents
  19. And The Sacrifice Of The Son
  20. What Kind Of Choir
  21. Of Angels Will Receive Us
  22. Oh Mother
  23. Mother Of Mercy
  24. Cradle Of All
  25. Devotion And Desire
  26. I Turn To You
  27. From The Valley Of Tears
  28. Carry Me As A Child
  29. As A Son Of Man
  30. Bathed In Light
  31. And Precious Blood
  32. Filling The Cup
  33. Of The Skull Of Adam
  34. Crying At The Foot
  35. Of The Foot
  36. Oh Mother
  37. Pure And Simple
  38. Virgin And Whore
  39. The Women Of Jerusalem
  40. Along The Way Of Sorrows
  41. Speaking Of Ghosts
  42. In The Holy City

Detaljerad information: Musik
Artist Ulver
Titel Messe I.xx.i
Releasedatum 2014-03-07
Label Kscope
Skivbolag Sound Pollution
Katalog-nummer SPD-KSCOPE847
Media Vinyl (LP)
EAN 0802644584713


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